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NBA Power Rankings: Streaking Pacers Consensus Top Ten Team in National Rankings

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With the Pacers a league best 9-1 in the month of April, the general lack of praise for the streaking blue and gold is moderately concerning, but as Glenn says, embrace it. The Pacers went 4-0 with wins this past week before extending against Minnesota, winning in tight and impressive situations all week.

The competition may not be the best, but it's impossible to control who's on your schedule, all you can do is win. And that's what the Pacers are doing. Contrary to the popular talk around national circles, the Indiana Pacers are third, not 6th, and while no one will come out and say it, the East is much more wide open than the two headed Chicago and Miami monster might have you believe. The national media may only think the Pacers are a quality team destined for second round fodder (if that), but winning is the best way to change opinions and the Pacers are very close to getting a whole lot more publicity.

- NBA Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
Pacers stay locked in at #7 while teams around them shuffle. Lack of respect? Well, it's nice that the Pacers are getting winning road records and eclipsing last year's win total.

- NBA Power Rankings: Spurs And Bulls Lead, But Heat And Thunder Might Be More Daunting -
The Pacers stay locked in at 5th, with Tom Ziller giving credit to Danny Granger for picking a perfect time to play at his highest level.

- Power Rankings: Parity prevails in April |
With the talk of "hottest team in the league" predominately focusing on Boston, John Schuhmann brings up an interesting point: who is hotter than the #6 Pacers?

- Sagarin Ratings - USA Today
Sagarin's rankings move the Pacers up to No. 7 following an undefeated week. The team remains one of the seven teams with .500 or better records against fellow top ten teams.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings - ESPN
Pacers jump to 9th in Hollinger's rankings, the undefeated week not enough to not get leapfrogged by Phoenix.

- Chris Sheridan's Weekly NBA Power Rankings
The Pacers, sitting at 8th, are playing very well, but Chris Sheridan brings up an interesting point regarding the team's upcoming schedule, between throwing out the Pacers success when rebounding well and Roy Hibbert's campaign for Frank Vogel to be Coach of the Year; Indiana can play a huge role in who gets in and who doesn't in the Eastern Conference Playoffs with Philly and Milwaukee on tap. I say win now, let Stern sort em out.

- NBA Power Rankings: Rose or no Rose, Bulls back on top | ProBasketballTalk
Kurt Helin gives Vogel some Coach of the Year consideration, noting the Pacers (at 6th) will be far from pushovers when it comes to this postseason.