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Pacers Injury Update: Darren Collison Expected To Return To Action For Pacers Against Minnesota

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Indiana Pacers point guard Darren Collison is ready to return to the court after missing four games with lingering groin injury.

I don't expect D.C. to play heavy minutes against Minnesota since he was nearly pulled out right after Frank Vogel pronounced ready to return. But apparently the concerns from Collison and the training staff weren't enough to keep him from returning.

With only 13 active roster spots available, Lance Stephenson will be inactive for the game tonight. Vogel figures he will rotate Stephenson and Jeff Pendergraph in the inactive role going forward along with Kyrylo Fesenko depending on the team they are playing on a particular night.

George Hill is still slated to start the game before presumably moving back to the "Jason Terry" Swiss Army knife role off the bench when D.C. is ready for starter's minutes. Hill has delivered a 4-0 record so far with the starting unit, athough with the way the Pacers have been playing of late, how you start the game isn't nearly as important as how you finish it, so you know those who are finishing strong will be on the court.

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