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Frank Vogel Wants To See More Fesenko, So Do Jazz Fans

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Mike Wells reported that Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel would like to find some minutes for newly required big man (literally a big man) Kyrylo Fesenko to get him more comfortable with his teammates and what the Pacers are doing. You never know what may happen in the playoffs and Vogel wants to make sure Fesenko is ready to step in when needed.

The problem with bringing in a player like Fesneko late in the season is that it takes extra time away from the coaching staff to get the new player up to speed. Then with little to no practice, there isn't time to really work him into the mix to get some experience with the team. So Vogel hopes to use some minutes during the remainder of the season as practice time for Fes. With the guy's freaky plus/minus numbers, thanks to his defensive presence, more Fes shouldn't hold back the Pacers from any wins.

If you are a little on the fence about Fes (or if you just want to enjoy a fun read) you must check out the breakdown of Fesenko's playing time against Cleveland over at SLC Dunk. They ran through every play on and commented on the end result of each play during Fes's seven minutes of garbage time.

Fans of former teams are always a great barometer of what to expect from new players and if this review is any indication, the Pacers and Pacer fans will enjoy having Fesenko wearing the blue and gold.

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