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David West Plans To Do Right By Moondog

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In one of the more humorous and unexpected subplots of the Indiana Pacers' march toward the playoffs in which they have won seven of their last eight games, is the tale of forward David West dropping Cleveland Cavaliers' mascot Moondog on his tail during pre-game introductions in Cleveland on Wednesday.

The playful left-right combination from West ended up landing Moondog in the hospital much to the surprise of West who thought he was essentially hitting a big fur ball. Fortunately Mike Wells is on the beat and he files this update to the incident after talking with West following the Pacers win over Cleveland on Friday.

Indiana Pacers power forward David West plans to send the Cavaliers mascot a jersey and pair of shoes after he accidentally hit him in the eye when the two were playing around before Wednesday's game in Cleveland.

Moondog went to a Cleveland hospital to get his eye checked. He was later released.

"I feel bad dude got hurt," West said. "I thought I was just hitting the costume. Then they told me after the game that he got hurt. I felt bad because I seriously didn't know our playing around would cause him to get hurt."

Love the quotes in the story from Frank Vogel, too as he hopes West, "Just don't do me like he did Moondog." Is this season fun or what? Check out video of the combo that dropped Moondog after the jump.