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IC Cold Links: Playoff Pacers Still Playing For Home-Court Advantage

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The Indiana Pacers survived an early case of the clanks to come through clean against the Cleveland Cavaliers and clinch a playoff berth for the second-straight season.

Now the Pacers have to hold their third spot in an interesting race as momentum keeps shifting among the other playoff contenders. Boston dumped a game to Toronto last night, so they are now three games behind the Pacers. Atlanta beat Orlando to remain two games behind and put Orlando in sixth place with an injured Dwight Howard.

Orlando with an injured Dwight Howard sounds like a pretty good first-round playoff matchup and certainly worth making that third seed a goal for the Pacers to finish out the season. So with seven games to go and playing a hungry Milwaukee Bucks team on Saturday night at their place, the playoff-clinching exhale by the Pacers didn't last long. Time to get back to work.

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