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Flight Meter Results: Dwyane Wade Flies Through And Above The Rest

SB Nation's Flight Meter survey presented by Jordan Brand has a winner for the best highlight of a Jordan Brand player flying through, around or over the competition en route to the hoop. After seeing the finalists, it is no surprise the Dwyane Wade won for his nasty finish in the face of Anderson Varejao.

Hopefully D-Wade lets all of this praise go to his head, leading him to stray from the Heat game plan on Saturday night when the Pacers are on South Beach. Or better yet, maybe Paul George can "fly through" Wade on his way to some impressive highlights for the blue and gold.

Check out the final results in the link below which includes some vintage Michael Jordan showing the young fellas how he used to fly through the NBA. Also, check out Wade's Flight Meter winning dunk after the jump.

In Game Dunks, Dwyane Wade Flies Through Everyone But MJ Himself -