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IC Cold Links: Collison Working Through Rough Stretch At Point For Pacers

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Indiana Pacers point guard Darren Collison has been a catalyst for wins several times this season, but his play of late has been among the reasons the team has struggled to beat good teams. That inconsistency has not changed Frank Vogel's approach, as the Pacers coach plans to continue with DC as the starting point guard, according to a report from Mike Wells.

Collison is a confident player, so it was surprising and refreshing on some level, to hear him take himself to task for his play of late as he tries to work through some adjustments to the offense.

"Really this is our first year playing with each other, so we have to figure out a style of play where inside can get involved and I can still be effective, because I have all the ability in the world to help this team out, but I'm just not giving the team anything right now," Collison said.

George Hill finished the Atlanta game at point, but for now Vogel will continue using Hill in a utility role off the bench which makes sense. As he's shown in the past, if the game dictates it, G3 will slide in and finish the game at point. It also allows Hill to backup Paul George at the shooting guard.

So while the play of late has been frustrating for fans, it is good to hear the players and coaches are even more frustrated since, you know, they can actually do something about it.

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