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IC Cold Links: Breaking Down NBA Trade Deadline Needs

The NBA trade deadline is one week away and things remain relatively quiet across the league. According to @BovadaLV, oddsmakers put the over/under on deadline deals at 6.5. Among the big names mentioned, Rajon Rondo has 3 to 1 odds to be traded, while Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol have 1 to 1 to be dealt. Wonder what the odds are that they will be swapped for one another?

Tom Ziller at SB, is rolling through the trade situation for each team in the league. For the Pacers, not surprisingly, he's thinking they might try to upgrade at point guard and/or big man.

The point guard position is unresolved. Darren Collison is the starter, but hasn't been as good as expected since being acquired from the New Orleans Hornets. Indiana traded its No. 15 pick last June for George Hill, who (through injuries) has assumed a back-up two-guard role behind George. Understandably, the team expected more from those two. Collision is 24 and Hill 25, so it's not as if there isn't room for growth. But it stands to reason that the Pacers could be much better if it could upgrade that position.

The Pacers have four more games before the deadline hits and if they continue trending in the wrong direction, the urgency to make a deal may ramp up significantly. We know there will be external pressure from the fan base to make a deal.

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