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Flying Around, Through And Over Opponents: Highlight Finalists Are Set

The and Jordan Brand campaign continues as we ask you to choose the NBA's best highlights involving current Jordan Brand players. Tom Ziller delivers all of the finalists for each category so now is the time to check out the highlights and pick the overall top play.

As you will see in Ziller's post, Dwyane Wade made the cut for his ability to "Fly Through" Anderson Varejao. Chris Paul is also a finalist for "Flying Around" Kobe Bryant, which is always a pleasure to watch. D-Wade also won the prelims for his effort to "Fly Over" Kendrick Perkins.

Also, for a refresher, here are all of the posts with the highlights in each category:

Should be interesting to see which type of play is preferred, as well since they all bring a little different flavor of "OOOO!!!" to the table. So please check out TZ's work at and then vote on which play you think is the best.