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IC Cold Links: Bulls Bog Down Pacers To Snap Winning Streak

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The Chicago Bulls were able to celebrate a win on their home floor last night and they earned the right by putting the clamps on the Indiana Pacers offense and then running away in the third quarter.

The Pacers responded as they often do when things get frustrating at the offensive end, they stray from the plan, stop moving the ball and start shooting perimeter shots. Once the Bulls caught fire in the third quarter the Pacers exasperated things by making it easy on the Bulls to defend blue and gold. That's a recipe for a 20-point loss.

I wouldn't call this a season-altering loss. The Pacers play some outstanding defense in the first half, but hardly played their best game. The Pacers can beat the Bulls when they play well and execute, as Frank Vogel mentioned after the game. In the end, they did neither last night.

After winning six straight, the Pacers have to avoid slipping into a funk as they did earlier in the season and continue playing poorly for long stretches. That will be tested tonight when the Pacers meet Atlanta at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

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