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IC Cold Links: Pacers Watch Magic/Bird On Broadway Before Playing Nets

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The Indiana Pacers arrived in New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon in advance of their game tonight against the New Jersey Nets. Once on the ground, many of the players and others traveling with the team headed in to the City for a little culture on Broadway.

The show? Magic/Bird, of course.

Naturally, Twitter was tagging along for the evening with several tweets from the show and then after when the Pacers' party met the cast. Here's a few of the upbeat tweets: George Hill, Dahntay Jones, Jeff Pendergraph, Krissy Myers, Mark Boyle, and here's Dahntay Jones with Bird.

Sounds like a nice team-building evening for those who made the trek to Broadway. Hopefully the play based on the legendary hoop players also inspired the players to come out and crush the Nets on Wednesday night.

Check out the rest of the links after the jump with a couple of stories on G3 and Darren Collison offering options at point guard.