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IC Cold Links: Pacers Come Up Big On Big Night At Fieldhouse

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The Indiana Pacers put together another strong performance (which always seems to happen when they where the blue throwbacks) by putting away the Miami Heat in the second half for a drama-free, 15-point win.

It was a fitting way to end an emotional evening in which Jeff Foster officially announced his retirement at the side of Larry Bird (announcement video) and then was recognized in front of a near capacity crowd. Also perfect was a key play in the fourth quarter when Miami was trying to mount a rally and build some momentum for a comeback. After a missed shot by the Pacers, David West came up with another Fosterian tap out rebound to save the possession. Not only did West save the possession but the ball went to Danny Granger, hitting him in stride to step into a rhythm three-point shot which he made. Crisis averted.

Plenty of links today after the jump, including Bob Kravitz wondering why more fans to fill up the Fieldhouse for this Pacers teams that deserves a better home court advantage. The fans that have been showing up of late have been great but the mid-week games have been brutal. Kravitz mentions the cost but I'd throw that out since the Pacers offer so many discounted tickets and discounts on really good seats, not to mention the secondary ticket market where you can find plenty of inexpensive tickets. Just keep winning.