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VIDEO: Roy Hibbert Dunks On LeBron James, Quinn Buckner Approves

As you can imagine in the Indiana Pacers big win over the Miami Heat, there were more than a few noteworthy plays and the thankfully the highlights are popping up on YouTube. Roy Hibbert had two big plays late in the second quarter that brought the Fieldhouse faithful to their feet.

First he took a little alley oop pass from David West and threw it down, then he took a post-entry pass from Paul George, turned and threw down a one-handed slam over LeBron James. If you pay attention, you can see Darren Collison slip in and steal the inbounds pass for another bucket amidst the chaos.

Now the dunk is sweet, but the real highlight is Pacers television analyst Quinn Buckner's reaction to Hibbert's dunk over James. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ahh Big Roy," Buckner growled as the play unfolded. Fabulous. Check out the dunks in reverse order with the alley oop after the jump.