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IC Cold Links: Pacers Set To Face A Salty Miami Heat Team

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The Indiana Pacers have to be feeling good heading into their game against the Miami Heat on Monday night following a great effort in Milwaukee.

Unfortunately the good vibe from the Pacers may not matter because the Heat are in Indy feeling pretty salty about a Sunday evening gone bad. The Heat were run over by the Oklahoma City front of a national television audience...with Dwyane Wade taking no fourth quarter shots. Uh oh.

The Heat also turned the ball over 21 times including 10 by Wade and LeBron James. They probably can't wait to get back on the court tonight to make amends after a potential Finals opponent just whomped 'em.

But hey, it wouldn't be as fun for the Pacers to beat the Heat if they weren't dialed in, right? This is the last shot the Pacers have at Miami in the regular season so they should be equally dialed in. If the Pacers give them the same effort they did last time in Miami, just coming up short in overtime, this game should be a blast.

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