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Pacers Survive Back-To-Back-To-Back Games With No Issues

The NBA lockout created the jam-packed schedule the Indiana Pacers and the rest of the league are going through in order to fit 66 games on the schedule by mid-April.

Part of the deal was imposing a furious stretch or two on teams in which they had to play three games in three days. The Pacers just completed their second such set of back-to-back-to-back games and appear no worse for wear. As David West mentioned after the Milwaukee game, the middle game of the three is the worst which has a lot to do with the mental side of the game.

Reminds me of running a marathon or some other distance race where you start out feeling good and then as you begin to feel some fatigue and then realize you are only half way through the race, all sorts of negative thoughts creep into your head making the physical effort seem even worse. Then as you continue on toward the end and begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the mind and body respond in a much more positive manner to finish strong.

So what do you think of the schedule this year? On many levels it is great for fans because there are so many games without as many breaks. Have you noticed a serious drop off in play? Is the schedule to blame for any injuries or fatigue? Would you like to see the 82-game schedule run at a similar rate, maybe cutting off a couple of weeks at both the start and end of the regular season?

After the jump, check out my latest video discussing the Pacers run through their schedule so far.