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IC Cold Links: Pacers Ready To Face Suns After Stealing W in D.C.

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The Cornrows fam begins Spring Break today and while getting ready last night it looked like the Pacers were going to send us out on the road in a salty mood. Only 31 first-half points against the Wizards?

The mood shifted in a hurry thanks to some big-time little things done by the Pacers in the final 65 seconds of the game. Three tap-out offensive rebounds by David West and a steal of an inbounds pass by Darren Collison made up for a multitude of past sins earlier in the game that had the Pacers playing from behind all night. You couldn't see those tap-out rebounds by West without thinking that somewhere Jeff Foster was smiling.

Then Paul George put aside a frustrating game to knock down a big three-ball (this was not a little thing) and then hound John Wall on the Wizards' final possession. PG tweeted his frustration (and then deleted it) after the game which had to do with not getting the foul calls he felt he deserves but the no, no, no...great shot made it all good.

In the game thread post I mentioned that it would be nice for the starters to carry the team to a win after the bench had been so huge in the Pacers' last two W's. Well, that's exactly what happened, although I wasn't expecting the bench to offer little to no help. This team might really be good if the starters and bench sync up on the same night.

Maybe that will be tonight when the Pacers play the Phoenix Suns at the Fieldhouse in the second of three games on consecutive nights.

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