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VIDEO: Two Top 10 Plays From Pacers Win Over Clippers

The Indiana Pacers win over the Los Angeles Clippers was entertaining on several levels, of course moreso for Pacers' fans than their counterparts in Los Angeles. The play was a little chippy, there were fantastic finishes at the rim and, thanks to Leandro Barbosa, George Hill and Danny Granger, some big shots from behind the arc.

NBA's nightly Top 10 Plays of the Night includes two plays from the game, starting with number nine which is a fast-break finish from Chris Paul to Blake Griffin. See if you can count the steps CP3 lays down before squeezing in a dribble. I think he has nine steps from the initial tip and about four after re-gathering the ball.

G3 and Barbosa combine for a layup a mere tenth of a second before the shot clock buzzes. Fortunately, Barbosa plays like he has ants in his pants and can't stand still on offense, so he kept moving and opened himself up by the rim to keep Hill from throwing up a prayer. Instead Barbosa scored on a smooth reverse layup without breaking stride as he continued back to the defensive end.

Also, thanks to DUEworkson, you have to check out the top play with Jamaal Tinsley executing his signature play on Nazr Mohammed last night in Utah's win over Oklahoma City.

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