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NBA Power Rankings: Pacers Split Week Influenced by Timing as Indiana Fluctuates in Rankings

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It was a split week for the Indiana Pacers and national rankings seemed a little unsure what the week meant. Indiana took Portland behind the tool shed, beat Philly in a national game, and lost a pair to the inconsistent Knicks. But timing could be a huge factor for the blue and gold, who got a dysfunctional Portland team in the twilight of their old head coach and a rejuvenated New York team in the dawn of their new head coach.

The Portland game was a tough cover early in the season, and there was more than one instance where the New York games actually looked like winnable games, as Danny Granger so eloquently put it. But in the heart of it all, Granger knows what his team is capable of, and they can hopefully make right in their next meeting against the Knicks.

Timing also plays a factor in their four games this week. The surging Phoenix Suns are darlings of the rankings, turning a back-to-back-to-back of easier W's than L's into a tough test as the Pacers also face the Clippers, Bucks, and Wizards.

- NBA Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
Stein plummets the Pacers to 15th with enough time to touch upon Roy Hibbert's woes, New York's road woes prior to traveling to Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and Danny Granger's woes of the mouth.

- NBA Power Rankings: Like Zombies, Suns And Jazz Stagger Into Relevance -
Tom Ziller puts Indiana at #14, at least kind enough to remind Pacers fans they won't be playing the Bulls or Heat in the first round. Still, maybe there's a chance we'll see one of the two at some point. Bad timing to say that?

- Power Rankings: Scoring is up, so are the Suns |
The Pacers stay locked in at #10, as John Schuhmann feels the Leandro Barbosa acquisition should give Indiana some much needed bench scoring.

- Sagarin Ratings - USA Today
The Pacers 2-2 week has them at 11th on the Sagarin Ratings.

- Top O' The World, Ma | - David Aldridge
The Pacers sit at #8 in Aldridge's rankings, as he knocks Granger's words in Pig Latin. Anyone have a translator? Aldridge does like the Barbosa move as it gives Indiana what he feels is the best five-man backcourt in the NBA.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings - ESPN
It appears computers would rather the Pacers lose to good teams than beat bad ones as they sit at #7. It's almost a shame there isn't any computer advantage that would help Indiana in the postseason.

- Chris Sheridan's Weekly NBA Power Rankings
Chris Sheridan doesn't seem interested in the Barbosa pick up, and sees the Pacers fading faster than their #12 ranking suggests.

- NBA Power Rankings: Suns are rising, Spurs climb too. ProBasketballTalk
Kurt Helin still feels the Pacers are a matchup away from either competing or bowing out of the postseason, sitting at number 14.