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Indy Cornrows YouTube Channel Ready For Launch

As you know, SB Nation has a new YouTube channel that is already rolling. The SB Nation channel also includes Team Reports which I am happy to take part in and ready to launch.

This project is forcing me far outside of my comfort zone behind the keyboard and in front of a camera so please bear with me as I figure everything out. The goal is to keep providing interesting and fun content about the Pacers and other topics du jour from around he NBA.

I'd also like to keep the community involved, so please send me questions in the comments or at or on Twitter @IndyCornrows. Nothing is out of bounds, from uniform color to a request to ask a player or coach a question, I'm always on the hunt for topics to touch on regarding the Pacers.

For my intro video, I riffed off of the Granland "Malice at the Palace" oral history by Jonathan Abrams. I think I actually called the whole incident a good thing for the Pacers. Check it out after the jump and let me know your thoughts on what the brawl cost the Pacers. Oh, and please, please, please subscribe to the new Indy Cornrows YouTube channel.