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IC Cold Links: PacersTake Advantage Of Practice Time, G-Squared Coming Soon

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The Indiana Pacers ramped up the intensity on the middle of three off days, going through an intense practice that included scrimmaging on Thursday.

With fresh legs from the All-Star break, Frank Vogel didn't have to worry about putting his players through their paces for a full-throttle practice. The Pacers took advantage of this rare opportunity in the busy NBA schedule this season and got after it.

You can see from the episode of Pacers Crate filmed after practice that play was heated. Paul George showed up with a bandage across his cheek courtesy of a scratch from Lance Stephenson. Of course, PG is no ready to market cheek band-aids.

George Hill jumped on the show at the end to announce the start of his project with PG called G-Squared. Sounds like they will have an Area 55 type of section at BLF and also have their own show. Now that should be fun.

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