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Former Pacers' Center David Harrison To Join D-League

Former Indiana Pacers center David Harrison who dabbled in perplexing thoughts and actions while with the blue and gold, is apparently looking to revive his professional career in the United States. According to Marc J. Spears, Harrison is ready to start playing in the NBDL

Harrison last played for pay in China, spending two years playing for teams in Beijing (2008-09) and Guangdong (2009-10) after leaving the Pacers. It is hard to believe it has just been four seasons since Harrison was with the Pacers. Seems like a lifetime ago. Of course, Harrison flamed out (pun intended) with the Pacers when he was unable to contribute on the court and then was suspended for violating the NBA's drug policy and defending his use of non-performance-enhancing drugs.

Adds a little perspective on how much the organization has changed in the past few years. Harrison was a harmless free spirit and I certainly hope nothing but the best as he tries to work his way back to the NBA. But it is nice to just have to complain about basketball stuff while following a basketball team.

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