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Agent: Greg Oden Would 'Love To Play in Indy'

As I mentioned earlier today, Greg Oden was waived by the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday after a couple of trade deadline deal required a roster opening.

Oden has been digging into the rehab process back home in Indianapolis and Cliff Brunt caught up with his agent Mike Conley Sr. who says that Oden remains committed to getting healthy and returning to the NBA at some point after initially considering retirement.

Once Oden clears the waiver process his future is in his hands. If he can rehab his way back into NBA shape, he will also be able to join any team willing to give him a chance. According to Conley, he would love a chance to come back with the Indiana Pacers.

Oden will be an unrestricted free agent if he clears waivers on Saturday. Conley said he fielded at least one call from a team during the waiver period.

Conley said Oden has expressed interest in playing for the hometown Pacers after he recovers.

"I know Greg would love to play in Indy," Conley said. "I know that's something he'd definitely be interested in. But in my conversations with Greg, we're not even thinking or talking about basketball right now."

Obviously, at this point Oden would love to play with any team, so regardless of which team Oden plays for, let's just hope he actually plays and his NBA story ends on a positive note.

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