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IC Cold Links: NBA Trade Deadline More About Spring Cleaning

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The NBA trade deadline passed on Thursday after a late flurry of activity that was more akin to Spring cleaning than teams fine tuning for the playoffs. Dumping salary and making room for off-season moves seemed to be the main motivation for the moves made before the deadline.

The Pacers benefited from this scenario, using available cap space to help the Raptors move a veteran scoring guard in Leandro Barbosa. The Raptors opened up some cap space along with some minutes for young guards on the roster to finish out the season.

Speaking of cleaning house, the Portland Trail Blazers essentially shut it down for the season, moving Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby, while also waiving Greg Oden. Then they mercifully fired Nate McMillan which seemed like the right move for all involved after seeing their last two games.

The Blazers put up little fight against the Pacers on Tuesday night and then were drubbed in New York by the Knicks the next night. Young assistant coach Kaleb Canales will take over which seems fitting since he stuck out like a sore thumb on Portland's bench during the second half against the Pacers as the only person, player or coach, showing an interest and the energy to keep the Blazers fighting to the end.

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