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NBA Trade Deadline: Barbosa Adds Guard Depth For Pacers But Shouldn't Alter Lineup

The acquisition of Leandro Barbosa from the Toronto Raptors gives the Indiana Pacers an added scoring option off the bench, something the team has needed desperately at various times throughout the season thus far. Almost exactly a year ago, Barbosa lit up the Pacers in Toronto which probably best exemplifies the positive impact he could have with the Pacers.

Does this addition signal changes to the playing rotation?

Just because George Hill has been going bonkers lately doesn't mean the Pacers should make a drastic change to their playing rotation and move Hill to start at point guard over Darren Collison. DC has been inconsistent at best of late, but he is still a part of an effective starting unit. Just because Collison starts doesn't mean he has to finish as was the case against Philadelphia last night and maintaining the status quo gives Frank Vogel more options to turn to depending on how a game is playing out.

After the jump, check out my thoughts on adjusting the playing rotation in my latest video on the Indy Cornrows YouTube channel.