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IC Cold Links: Pacers Stagger Home From Florida After Loss To Magic

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The NBA is no joke, people. If you aren't ready to play prepare to be embarrassed.

That's what happened to the Indiana Pacers on Sunday night when they showed up in Orlando and were quickly shown up by the Magic. Dwight Howard and friends didn't care that the Pacers were suffering from a hoops "hangover" after a disappointing loss in Miami or that they had to turn around and play the Magic the next night after daylight savings swiped an extra hour to prepare.

The Magic just cared about beating down the Pacers and taking advantage of every advantage presented them at home. The best part of the game came in the post-game locker room where David West laid out the truth for all to digest, as Mike Wells reported.

"We have to decide what type of team we want to be," West said. "(Do) we want to be an average team that beats the bad teams and teams that have already cashed it in for the season, or do you want to be able to compete with the top six teams in the Eastern Conference?"

West also highlighted things the Pacers are doing that good teams don't do. Sure West was frustrated after what was probably his worst game of the season and I don't think he was deflecting his culpability in the situation. But he also has no interest in his teammates getting comfortable with the current situation. It is past time for some leaders to agitate this team so those comments ended up being the highlight of a frustrating weekend.

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