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Heat 93, Pacers 91: Dwyane Wade Gives Indiana Overtime Heartbreak

The Indiana Pacers appeared to be in position to pull off a much-need win over the Miami Heat in both regulation and then overtime but couldn't close out the W and eventually allowing the Heat to gather a long offensive rebound that set up a crazy game-winning shot by Dwyane Wade to give the Heat a 93-91 overtime win.

The Pacers will struggle to sit through the film of this last two minutes and overtime of this game as they will see that making just one more play at either end of the floor would've put the game in the win column. Instead the Pacers will ride a three-game losing streak into Orlando on Sunday evening.

I just watched the final two minute and overtime after attending a fund raiser this evening. There was enough in that time to see both how well the Pacers played and also where they came up short in closing out the W. It was also interesting to see the end of overtime when both Danny Granger and LeBron James came up short with potential game-winning shots, leaving D-Wade to seize the W by the throat and keep it for Miami.

So since I haven't watched the whole game yet, please share your thoughts on where the Pacers came up short, along with any comments on the positive play they displayed to put themselves in position to win the game. Also, in case you missed it, here are the game highlights with the vicious game-winner from Wade.