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VIDEO: Frank Vogel Preps Pacers For High-Level Play

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel has preached a positive, reach-for-the-stars mentality from the second he took over the job last season. He's talked directly to the fans in press conferences about his expectations for the Pacers to be an elite team and play a "smash-mouth" style of basketball that seemed implausible at times.

But the team has responded to the positive approach and all of the talk hasn't just been for the fans. Fox Sports Indiana takes you behind the scenes for Vogel's pre-game comments before the Golden State game on Tuesday. As you can see, Vogel wants his crew to keep thinking big and playing at a championship level.

For one night at least, the Pacers put Vogel's words into action from the opening tip, showed the requisite killer instinct and put down the Warriors with a strong effort coming off of the All-Star break.

Check out the video clip of Vogel's pre-game comments after the jump (via MagicRat).