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Roy Hibbert Selected As Eastern Conference All-Star Reserve

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Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was officially named as a reserve center on the Eastern Conference team for the NBA All-Star game on February 26th in Orlando.

Huge congratulations to the big fella who literally earned this honor after putting in tons of hard work since being drafted as a project center with questionable upside. What we've learned is that Hibbert never stops learning and has been able to improve his game each season. Forget the individual numbers, Hibbert has been instrumental in helping the Pacers jump out to a 17-8 start and that is why he will bask in the glow of All-Star weekend, representing the Pacers and the Eastern Conference.

Hib Hib...HOO-ROY!!!

Here is the full group of All-Star reserves for both conferences:

EAST: Joe Johnson G, Deron Williams G, Paul Pierce F, Andre Iguodala F, Chris Bosh F, Luol Deng F, Roy Hibbert F

WEST: Kevin Love F, LaMarcus Aldridge F, Russell Westbrook G, Dirk Nowitzki F, Tony Parker G, Steve Nash G, Marc Gasol C