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IC Cold Links: Hibbert Hoping For All-Star Reserve Role

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NBA All-Star reserves will be announced Thursday night and the Indiana Pacers are hoping their 17-8 start will earn an invitation to at least one of their players. Center Roy Hibbert seems like the most likely candidate considering his strong start to the season and the dearth of competition at center in the Eastern Conference.

Hibbert is averaging 13.6 points and 9.9 rebounds and has show signs of fading back to his inconsistent ways of late, but the impression he left around the league in the first month of the season should be enough to give Hibbert a solid shot at making the All-Star squad in the East.

Danny Granger summed it up best after Tuesday's game.

"Other than Dwight Howard, I can't tell you who's a better center," Granger said of Hibbert's opportunity in the Eastern Conference. "I think it would be awesome for him as a young big man in this league. It's an awesome time, a lot of fun."

Playing in the game would give Hibbert another boost of confidence which is always a good thing and may be just what he needs to get his game going on the court again.

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