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Strong Week Continues Pacers' Upward Trend in Power Rankings

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Prior to their loss to Orlando on Saturday night, the Indiana Pacers' 4 game winning streak was the longest active streak in the NBA. With wins against Minnesota and Dallas on the road, the Pacers took a 3-1 week to see modest jumps in various power rankings lists as the play of Paul George has opened eyes to the potential of this Pacers team.

The Pacers face a tough week of challenges (including road tests in Memphis and Atlanta), that can help or hinder Indiana's national outlook.

- NBA Basketball Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
Marc Stein moves Indiana from 6th to 3rd, excited to have all eyes in Indianapolis on the Pacers.

- NBA Power Rankings: What You Missed Before the Super Bowl -
Ziller still not impressed with Indiana's play, drops the Pacers from 9th to 12th in his latest ranking.

- Power Rankings: The search for No. 4 |
John Schuhmann jumps the Pacers a pair of spots to #6, taking time out to comment on their improved offensive play.

- Sagarin Ratings - USA Today
Sagarin's numbers keep the Indiana Pacers locked in at 10th.

- Top O' The World, Ma | - David Aldridge
Aldridge moves the Pacers up a spot to 5th while noting the team's road tested play.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings - ESPN
John Hollinger's daily rankings has the Pacers down a hair, but still at 7th place.

- Chris Sheridan's Weekly NBA Power Rankings
Sheridan has the Pacers up a sport to 7th, while speculating a successful Chris Kaman trade involving Lance Stephenson.

- NBA Power Rankings: Heat on top, Clippers climbing | ProBasketballTalk
Kurt Helin moves the Pacers up to 6th place, taking note of Paul George's potential emergence as a player to watch out for.