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NBA 10-Day Contracts Give Pacers Roster Options

The Indiana Pacers have been carrying 13 players on their roster all season regardless of injury issues that, of late with Jeff Foster and George Hill out, have left the team with only 11 healthy players in uniform.

That could change starting today as the NBA begins allowing teams to sign players to 10-day contracts, as Scott Schroeder explains.

Beginning Monday, NBA teams are allowed to sign players to 10-day contracts. There are always a few veteran players sitting at home that are offered the shortened contracts, but the majority will come straight out of the NBA D-League and into your living rooms (via League Pass and the like, y'know) this week.

There are a total of 16 open roster spots in the NBA as the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls each carry the NBA's 13-man minimum. The Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks recently released players, too, to join the Philadelphia 76ers, New Orleans Hornets, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings with an open roster spot that could eventually end up being filled by a D-League player on a test run.

Scott goes on to profile his top candidates for call-up from the D-League with a few point guards and forwards on the list. The Pacers could use some depth at both positions and may be willing to give a D-League player a shot with the team if the injuries persist.

These 10-day deals essentially work as a tryout for the player, though which is more complicated this year with the compact schedule. There just isn't the requisite practice time to give a player an honest look without giving him game minutes and there isn't room in the rotation at this point. Still, there would be time to put a player to the test in individual work and pre-game walkthroughs. You never know, a key piece for the Pacers may just be waiting for an opportunity to prove it.

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