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IC Cold Links: Pacers Enjoy Super Bowl In Indy

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Jeff Foster arrives at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl (via <a href="!/Pacers/status/166272327078780928/photo/1" target="new">@Pacers</a>)
Jeff Foster arrives at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl (via @Pacers)

The Indiana Pacers will get back to practice with another off day on Monday as they prepare to resume a challenging February schedule on Tuesday when the Utah Jazz visit the Fieldhouse.

Several players and coach Frank Vogel took went to Lucas Oil Stadium for the game after a hectic week playing four games in five days while tending to a stream of activities and celbrities rolling through the Fieldhouse. No doubt Danny Granger was pumped for his friend Brandon Jacobs with the New York Giants winning the Lombardi Trophy. Like everyone else in town, though the experience was awesome but it will be nice to exhale and get back to a regular schedule.

The only sour point of the week was the loss to Orlando on Saturday which was more impacted by NBA schedule fatigue as opposed to Super Bowl distractions. But now it is back to work, as the Pacers try to remain unbeaten after a loss this season by beating the Jazz. The game will also include a return of former Pacers' PG, Jamaal Tinsley who has seen spot duty off the bench. The Tin Man did start a game last week with Devin Harris hurting and dished out 13 assists.

Not a lot of links today but some there is some stuff from Adam Sandler's visit to the Fieldhouse, along with a nice breakdown of Paul George's 30-point game in Dallas.