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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need Super Bowl Sunday Rest

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After getting down early to the Orlando Magic, the Indiana Pacers did everything they needed to do to claw their way back and win the game. They just couldn't make the shots that were there to take the game over.

Yep, minor detail, you do have to score points to win. This game was everything that is bad about the condensed 66-game schedule. Neither team could make winning plays down the stretch but one team had to win.

Danny Granger, Darren Collison and Paul George took turns missing big open three-pointers that they had been killing teams with earlier in the week. But playing the fourth game in five nights showed up as they had trouble getting the ball to the rim and then after trying to adjust it was clank city.

The good news came from those in street clothes. George Hill was looking dapper wearing a pair of sharp, brown dress shoes...on both feet. He was also walking fine and while there was no official update on his status he mentioned the ankle wasn't hurt as bad as initially thought. Jeff Foster also indicated he was close to returning after his pre-game workout while looking forward to going to the Super Bowl today. The Pacers should all enjoy the Super Bowl today as they'll have a chance to rest those legs and watch someone else play a game.

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