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IC Cold Links: Pacers Head Home On A Roll To Face Magic

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The Indiana Pacers continued their strong play regardless of when or where they play last night with Paul George exploding to helps secure a double-digit win over the defending champion Dallas Mavericks.

PG and Darren Collison have raised their level of play recently to allow the Pacers a variety of options to attack opponents. Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and David West would normally be considered options one, two and three but with George and Collison playing at a similar level they are able to take turns leading the way.

Also, the Pacers are officially a third of the way through the season with a 16-6 record after playing 15 of those first 22 games on the road. Tonight the Pacers host the Orlando Magic at the Fieldhouse as they finish the season with 26 of their final 44 games at home where they are 6-1 so far.

Paul George did have to play more than 40 minutes last night as Frank Vogel tries to bolster the second unit by keeping some scoring options from the starting unit in the mix. But this came after George played just 20 minutes in Minnesota with foul trouble while Danny Granger led the way with 36 points. Who will step up tonight?

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