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SB Nation Set To Roll Out New YouTube Channel

SB Nation is launching a brand new YouTube channel on Thursday featuring some talented folks that are both entertaining and informative. Check out the trailers for Amy K. Nelson and Bomani Jones as well as Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein shown in the trailer below.

Also, Jason Kirk and Every Day Should Be Saturday's Spencer Hall will combine their talents to host "Shutdown Fullback" which will have a humorous slant on, well, about everything. Can't wait until they are rolling through the college football season. As you can see from the trailers, SB Nation went all in on this project to produce some high quality shows that are just the beginning.

The channel will also feature team reports from bloggers like us and so keep an eye out for those reports coming soon. These reports may not have the professional production quality but they will continue to engage the community with information and discussion on the Pacers.

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