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NBA Power Rankings: Perfect Week Against Imperfect Opponents Splits Pacers Rankings

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With the Pacers taking a bit of a stumble in various power rankings following their five game skid, it should be no surprise they've seen a modest rebound as they went into the All-Star Break on a four game win streak. The issue of course for anyone hoping to see Indiana ranked among the league's elite again is that they accumulated their four wins against teams in the bottom part of the league's standings, particularly when beating Charlotte twice.

Computer rankings were more hip to the uncertainty regarding Indiana's wins, but human rankings rarely touched upon the competition, but instead at the way the Pacers have rebounded. Even still, Indiana's modest boost is nice to see and they will be in store for another if they can take care of business this week in their two games.

- NBA Power Rankings - Marc Stein - ESPN
Pacers are back in the top ten at #9, noting that the Pacers are in fact third in the East, and could very well land that third spot when the season ends.

- Power Rankings: Questions linger as teams get back to work |
The Pacers come in at #11, but Schuuman notes on the Pacers as the best third quarter team in the league, while predicting a series win for them in the playoffs.

- Sagarin Ratings - USA Today
Recent schedule has dropped Indiana to 14th on the Sagarin Ratings.

- Top O' The World, Ma | - David Aldridge
David Aldridge keeps Indiana in his rankings at #14.

- 2011-2012 Hollinger Power Rankings - ESPN
The Pacers are at 13th in Hollinger's daily rankings.

- Chris Sheridan's Weekly NBA Power Rankings
Sheridan moves Indiana back into the top 10 after their four game win streak, despite against inferior opponents.

- NBA Power Rankings: All-Star Weekend edition | ProBasketballTalk
Helin looks at how crazy the Pacers quick start and Roy Hibbert being an All-Star would've sounded in December.