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Mark Jackson Returns To Fieldhouse As A Coach On The Sidelines

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Former Indiana Pacers point guard Mark Jackson directed many thrilling moments in his year with the Pacers. Jackson used his smarts to take advantage of games situation by posting up a smaller guard, dropping a tear drop over a big man or swinging a pass to an open Reggie Miller for threeeeeee...Boom, Baby!

Often considered an extension of the coach on the floor, it only seems natural that Jackson will return to Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday night in a suit and tie, patrolling the sidelines as coach of the Golden State Warriors. Conrad Brunner caught up with Jackson as he prepares for the Pacers and found the old point guard tapping into what he learned with the Pacers as he handles life as a rookie coach.

"Being coached by Larry Brown and Larry Bird, two guys I have great respect for, I certainly learned from both of those guys. And if you think about Donnie Walsh and his ability to handle personalities and to lead, and then you go to my favorite Uncle Mel (Daniels) and his impact on my life, a guy that knows basketball as well as anybody I've been around, knows talent and is an incredible guy. Absolutely all of those guys I've been around in Indiana certainly impact what I do today."

While things aren't going as well as he expected in his first season with the Dubs, Jackson continues to make no excuses and remain optimistic. Check out the article for a fun read.

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