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IC Cold Links: Time For Pacers To Get Back To Work

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NBA All-Star weekend is officially over which means the Indiana Pacers will return to Indy from various destinations and begin preparing to play the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

The Pacers will ease into the second half of their schedule with only two games this week and three full days off after playing the Dubs before they play again in New Orleans on Saturday. That should allow plenty of practice time for Frank Vogel on Co. to refine the defensive game plan and focus on these first two games to run their winning streak to six games.

Plenty of reaction from the All-Star game in the links today. I find it funny how many folks clown on the actual game for the dunk-fest feel, with good reason mind you, and then take LeBron James to task for not winning the game for the East down the stretch. I guarantee LBJ is not even thinking about that after the game. Pretty hard to compare an All-Star game to the NBA Finals.

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