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Special Ticket Deal For Pacers Game Against Golden State On Tuesday

TiqIQ and has a special ticket deal for the Indiana Pacers game this Tuesday against the Golden State Warriors.

All you have to do is click on this offer and make a bid for the seat location you prefer. For a little primer on the bidding options, the average ticket price for the game against the Warriors is $35. Ticket options are broken up by stars so you can select seats in sections from "1 star" through "6 stars" that cover every section and price range in the Fieldhouse.

You can offer $9 for a "1 star" ticket that usually sells for over $18 when you figure in all of the shipping and handling fees. Or you can look for better seats and offer $60 for a "4 star" ticket that would normally coast $180 after accounting for all of the fees.

Again, click here to make an offer at and help fill up the Fieldhouse on Tuesday.