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IC Cold Links: Roy Hibbert Ready For Main Event At NBA All-Star Weekend

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With all of the events of NBA All-Star Saturday night behind us it is time for the main event -- the actual All-Star game on Sunday night.

Still hard to believe Roy Hibbert is on the East team in his fourth year and he made the hard way, earning the nod from opposing coaches for his winning level of play early in the season. While he did hit a little lull after about 18 games, it is easy to forget that he was playing through a broken nose, reset surgery and mask which was an adjustment and hampered his breathing for a few games. And he literally played through those games, not missing one along the way.

Check out the links after the jump with plenty from the dunk contest and Paul George including a clip of the Tron dunk which definitely didn't come off as well as it should have live.