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Jeremy Evans Beats Out Paul George For Slam Dunk Title

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Indiana Pacers guard Paul George came up short in the Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Competition losing out to Utah's Jeremy Evans.

PG started the contest jumping over Roy Hibbert with Dahntay Jones tossing the ball in front of big Roy, but they couldn't connect on the oop so PG took the dunk into his own hands and threw it down over both his teammates. Major ups that wiped away the earlier misses.

For his second dunk, PG came out in a yellow throw back with glow in the dark striping. He then ordered the lights off with bank of lights to help him shine. He took the ball in through the lights to finish with a 360 tomahawk dunk as the lights popped on after he flushed it.

For dunk three, PG brought Larry Bird into the act although it was just a sticker of the legend. He tried to slap the sticker on the right side of the backboard and then complete a reverse windmill dunk. Unfortunately, it took several attempts until he ran out of stickers and completed the dunk. It was a ridiculous dunk, but after all of the misses lost there was no buzz left for the finish.

Jeremy Evans started slow and finished strong, starting with an eye-cam for his first attempt, but didn't bring much of a dunk for the hype. Later Evans dunked over Kevin Hart in a Karl Malone jersey. Evans won the contest with a little help from Gordon Hayward by throwing down two balls tossed up by Hayward. Real impressive.

P Diddy helped out Chase Buddinger for his first dunk, but Diddy isn't all that tall so the most spectacular part was the actual feed from Diddy for a clean dunk. Buddinger's best dunk was a "hocus pocus" homage to Cedric Ceballos that took a couple of attempts but did result in a blind-folded reverse dunk.

If you stacked Diddy and Kevin Hart on top of each other they wouldn't be as tall as Roy Hibbert so PG dominated the jumping over a human category. Derrick Williams didn't bring a ton of creativity and required too many attempts per dunk. His best effort was a finishing a pass from off the side of the backboard from Ricky Rubio.

All in all, a pretty blah dunk contest. If PG wasn't involved it certainly wouldn't have done much for me. But George was in the mix and had the Pacers and his name trending worldwide on Twitter, so not all is lost. I blame the banana suits, since PG was wearing the road gold uniforms that have not been kind to the Pacers in the past few seasons.

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