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Paul George Hyping His Game Before NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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Indiana Pacers guard Paul George continues to call his shot before the Sprite NBA Slam Dunk competition tonight as part of All-Star Saturday night. As he has in the days leading up to the contest, PG took to Twitter (scroll through his feed as he answers questions) this afternoon to hype his dunks without giving away any secrets.

Check out SB Nation preview of PG as the early dunk contest favorite. Also, as Tom Ziller notes, DeMar DeRozanoffered some tips and likes George's chances to take home the title. What ever pressure PG may be feeling before the competition ramps up, he's taking it head on without considering failure.

My favorite tweet may describe the crowd if he pulls off his planned dunks as expected -- undone.

I can't wait to see how the young fella reacts when the lights go on. He has risen to the occasion in big games but now it is all on him to come through in the clutch. But in reality this is a show and part of the show is ginning up the hype and having some fun. PG is definitely delivering on both fronts so far.

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