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IC Cold Links: Pacers Past And Present Busy On NBA All-Star Friday

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The Indiana Pacers are all over NBA All-Star weekend this year a marked change from the past several years when a 2009 reserve role for Danny Granger accounted for the team's participation.

The Pacers owned Friday afternoon with Mel Daniels getting the nod for the Hall of Fame and Reggie Miller selected as the most likely of 12 candidates for election to the Hall. Then Friday night, current Pacers guard Paul George scored the first bucket of the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge dunking home a lob pass from the game's eventual MVP, Kyrie Irving.

PG had a few other highlights during the game and then after received some rave reviews about his actual NBA game from Charles Barkley on TNT's post-game show. Tonight PG will put the Pacers and himself in the spotlight as one of only four contestants in the Sprite Slam Dunk Competition. Then on Sunday, big Roy Hibbert will represent the Pacers and take part in the main NBA All-Star game.

Not a bad weekend for the blue and gold with plenty of storylines from Orlando to choose from. Too bad the local media didn't bother to cover it, save for WISH-TV. I guess I can't blame them. You never know when a story about someone who talked to a receiver about Peyton Manning throwing the ball an extra five yards will break.

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