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Which NBA Player Can 'Fly Through' The Defense Like Mike? and Jordan Brand want you to vote on some of the NBA's best highlights involving current Jordan Brand players. The idea is to see which player you think is most like Mike, starting with the "Fly Through" category which has five players demonstrating spectacular finishes at the rim while flying through the lane without the help of air traffic control.

So please check out Tom Ziller's work at, run through the videos of the "Fly Through" dunks and then vote on which one you think is the best. This is the first of three categories so be sure to check back later and vote for the "Fly Around" and "Fly Over" categories, as well.

Also, since we're in the dunking mood around here with Paul George prepping for the Slam Dunk Competition, feel free to share your favorite dunks and video links of other "Fly Through, Around and Over" dunks in the comments.