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All-Star Injuries Have Impact for the Indiana Pacers

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A pair of injury updates in regards to the All-Star festivities that begin this weekend could have a direct effect on the Indiana Pacers. While its certainly no intention to wish harm on players, the circumstances have the potential to be favorable to Indiana. The most direct impact is Knicks guard Iman Shumpert pulling out of the Slam Dunk Contest. Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will be his replacement, but the move should in turn make Paul George the favorite to win the contest without the involvement of Jeremy Lin to stuff the votes.

In regards to the actual game, Hawks wingman Joe Johnson will be sitting out from the All-Star game, which will open up a roster spot that Danny Granger could have a realistic shot at. David Stern will make the decision, but while Granger is the obvious replacement if you're looking for a position swap, but Johnson's teammate Josh Smith could have the most realistic shot if Stern wants to keep an Atlanta representative in the game.

But even if Granger's involvement may not pull through, it's plenty enjoyable to have extended Pacers involvement be within reason for All-Star Weekend.

UPDATE: Looks like Rajon Rondo will replace Johnson on the All-Star roster.

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