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IC Cold Links: Hibbert, George Add All-Star Juice To Get Pacers Going

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Prior to last night's opening tip, Roy Hibbert and Paul George addressed the Indiana Pacers crowd thanking them for their support which helped propel each into their respective roles for All-Star weekend in Orlando. Then both players went out and played like All-Stars, no doubt fueled by the excitement that lies ahead in Orlando.

Here's a replay of PG's game-capping dunk and Hibbert's reaction following the game (thanks Magic Rat).

Hibbert played his first game in a month without the protective face mask he had to wear after breaking his nose against the Los Angeles Lakers. He was never a fan of the mask and after posting a career-high 30 points with 13 rebounds I think it is safe to say Roy will not be using the mask as a security blanket a la Rip Hamilton.

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