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IC Cold Links: After Big Win Over Bobcats, Pacers Talkin' 'Bout Practice

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The Indiana Pacers enjoyed a rare treat during the NBA season when everything clicked as planned and they buried the Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday evening. The team was so on point that they only allowed the Bobcats two points in the first nine minutes of the game while running out to a 21-2 lead, yet after those two points were scored, Frank Vogel quickly called a timeout to admonish his team's defensive lapse in allowing the Bobcats' back-cut bucket.

OK then.

Apparently that level of intensity was set on Saturday in a practice for the ages, at least if you believe the post-game comments from both Vogel and several players which are plentiful in the links today. Vogel and staff had a rested crew on Saturday ready to get down and dirty at the defensive end and it carried over into Sunday's game. While watching a replay last night, I had to chuckle at how much meat the Pacers left on the bone at the offensive end, especially in the first half, with missed open looks and a few turnovers.

But there's no room to complain when this team thrives on defense and they absolutely brought the D to bear against the Bobcats. Too bad they couldn't bank some of that 35-point winning margin for the rematch in Charlotte on Wednesday.

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