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NBA Source: Pacers A Leading Candidate To Trade For Chris Kaman

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The Indiana Pacers will be mentioned in any trade reports with their current roster and cap space situation. Likely, any of those rumors are true since the Pacers would be remiss if not inquiring about available players that might help add depth to the roster.

Since the New Orleans Hornets have Tinsley-ed center Chris Kaman, the big man is on the open market with the Pacers looking to bolster their front court corps. With Jeff Foster's back making him day-to-day, likely for the rest of the season, adding a true backup center who can score and rebound would be a bonus.

According to this report out of New Orleans (ht: IndyPacers), the Pacers are in the mix.

The Hornets are not obligated to take back any salary in a trade for Kaman, according to sources, and a team acquiring him would only have to part with $9.3 million in player salaries according to league rules, not $14 million.

A league source said Wednesday night that the Indiana Pacers, one of several other teams reportedly in the mix for Kaman, could, in fact, be the leading candidate for a swap.

The Pacers apparently are looking for a backup to Roy Hibbert.

The key to the Pacers interest is that they can absorb Kaman's salary, so if the Hornets literally want to just stop paying him, they have a partner. I can't imagine the Pacers would want to send any significant players or first round picks for Kaman since he will be a free agent after the season.

What do you think the Pacers should offer to land Kaman?

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