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Kevin Love Stays Cool, Indiana Pacers Win Game

Kevin Love knows all about acting. The guy has an incredible ability to finish plays while flailing to draw contact which certainly helps his production.

He also likes to put up a California cool front, presenting a know-it-all maturity beyond his 23 years of age. So after taking another loss last night, Love complained about Danny Granger and the Pacers taking exception to his hard foul on Granger, trying to stay cool and mask the fact he had just been put in his place by the Pacers.

"I've said all along," Love said, "I don't like the Pacers."

"I know that none of them were going to do anything," said Love, who finished with 21 points. "Just play ball. It's part of the game -- a hard foul, everybody is getting fouled out there."

"(They think) they are so tough," Love said. "They take those pills and they got all that toughness. I don't know where that comes from. They all think they are tough guys. I just don't know where that comes from. It just blows my mind. They are all tough and that makes me laugh."

"I guarantee the next time we play them, it will be just as physical," he said.

On that last point, we can all agree. The question is: Will Love show up or shrivel up?

Last night Love complained about the Pacers play after the game but wasn't able to do anything about on the court. His "too cool" approach was exposed last night when Granger and the Pacers stood up to his flagrant hack and he backed down once play resumed, showing Love still has a thing or two to learn about winning.

After the skirmish, Love wasn't heard from again until his team was down 18 points with five minutes left in the game. During that Love-less stretch of time, Granger kept "acting tough" by scoring 13 points and taking his fired up teammates along with him. Heck, Lou Amundson had a bigger impact on the game during that stretch.

What Love fails to realize is that the Pacers aren't trying to act tough, they are trying to make opponents uncomfortable. In past seasons, team's and certain players would go off against the Pacers in part because they were comfortable on the floor and able to get shots when and where they liked.

Now not so much.

Take this as just another sign that the Pacers have improved as opponents continue to complain about how they are getting beat by the Blue and Gold.

At least Love has the media in his corner because he's, you know, so cool. I wonder what the reaction would be if JaVale McGee complained in a similar fashion after a loss?