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IC Cold Links: Pacers Stay Strong On The Road

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The Indiana Pacers made the Minnesota Timberwolves blink in the second half last night then went on to win their ninth road game of the season.

The Pacers and Chicago Bulls have played a league-leading 14 road games and both teams have won nine of those games, tied with Oklahoma City for the most road wins. That's some elite company and exceeds Frank Vogel's goal of winning half of the team's road games. Those road W's also have the Pacers enmeshed in a quagmire atop the Eastern Conference, as well. With Chicago and the Miami Heat losing last night, the Pacers still reside in fifth place in the East but they are just 1.5 games behind Chicago in first place.

So despite all of the success, the Pacers will have to maintain their current level of play if they want to earn home-court advantage in the playoffs. But looking ahead to the playoffs won't get it done, so the Pacers need to keep focusing on the grind which continues at Dallas on Friday night.

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